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Current visual/colour format, or plain text version?

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Poll: Plain text format, or my current creation?
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Plain Text format
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My current format
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Offline Marty campbell Reading Never say die
06 Jul 2017, 03:24 PM | Post: #1

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Current visual/colour format, or plain text version?

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Hi everyone, I'm a newbi to the site.
I released my first eBook about six weeks ago and have received a few promising (verified) review's.
The format of this book has been an experimental process, giving me an eBook very different to most. My first 30,000 word creation is colourful, contains pop-ups and other interactive content designed by myself. This is the first in a series of ten books, of which I have written four already. 
So here's my question,
Is this type of book something which you might find interesting, or should I follow the established plain text route to the reader?

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