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Free & Bargain eBooks Daily at Bookzio.com (including UK)

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Star Free & Bargain eBooks Daily at Bookzio.com (including UK)

This post was last modified: 04 Jul 2017 08:45 PM by Bookzio.

Some of you may already know of Bookzio - 

Bookzio.com has been running since 2014. We're entirely free to join, and require only a functioning email address from you - no other information is required. 

We produce a daily deals email, in which we list between 20-30 books (total) each day, all of which are on offer on that day. Usually at a huge reduction (80%-100% off) -- Roughly 75% of all our books are Free, or down to below a pound (or a dollar), in price. 

Most of our book promotions are in genre fiction, but we also get quite a lot of non-fiction books, including cooking books and business books.

We have over 30+ catgegories (see below) and you can select which ones you want to receive books in, and which you don't. So you can tailor the email to your tastes. It's easy to sign up - just visit our site and add your email address (no other information required), select your book categories and you're away. Changed your mind? Just go to the bottom of the daily email and click to change your preferences where you can add or remove categories, or unsubscribe.


Although our book promotions have always included books in the UK, we've only recently started offering our authors the opportunity to include an Amazon.co.uk link to their books (where they are available), within the last 6 months - due to popular request from subscribers. So I thought I'd post here and let you all know.

We try use the widest variety of book platforms possible, to ensure our subscribers get the best range of options. Currently we provide links to books on: Amazon Kindle (US, CA, & UK), Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo Store, Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Apple iTunes, and Audible (where available).

With that said, not every author uses them - even when their book is on a reduced price deal in all territories. But the option is there and I hope more will over time.

We'd be very happy to see you subscribe and join our community of booklovers (and worms). We have an active following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, and post regular updates, not only to book offers but to interesting snippets we find around the web.

We also run regular giveaways for our subscribers, of various kinds.

We're very responsive to enquiries, whether it's a feature request, a question, or issue of any kind - just get in touch.

Best wishes, and I hope you give us a try!


Subscribe here: Free and Bargain ebooks Daily

To be clear: when you subscribe, you only get the daily deals email - we don't try and sell you anything, and we don't send you any other emails. Just one - daily - with free and bargain book links!

By the way... we don't ONLY list books that have been submitted to us for promotions, by authors and publishers. Every day, we also search out books that we think our subscribers would like to see, and include those. So it is a highly curated list of books you receive each day where we try to ensure high quality bestsellers, and newcomers, get equal opportunities, and there is always something for everyone included.

Our Categories:

Action & Adventure  Smile (Popular Category)
Advice & How-To  Smile (Popular Category)
African-American Interest
Biographies & Memoirs
Business and Finance
Children And Middle Grade Smile (Popular Category)
Christian Fiction
Christian Romance
Contemporary Romance  Smile (Popular Category)
Cooking and Drinks  Smile (Popular Category)
Cozy Mysteries
Dark Fantasy and Paranormal
Erotic Romance
Fantasy  Smile (Popular Category)
Future Worlds (Dystopian & Apocalyptic)
General Nonfiction
Health and Self  Smile (Popular Category)
Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Literary Fiction
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New Adult Romance
Paranormal Romance
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Religious & Inspirational
Romantic Suspense
Science Fiction  Smile (Popular Category)
Teen & Young Adult
Thrillers and Suspense  Smile (Popular Category)
Womens Fiction and Chic Lit