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Anthology: Wry Out West - 30 June - 5 July. Kindle Countdown - 99p

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Offline H.E. Bulstrode Reading Imperium, Robert Harris
30 Jun 2017, 12:37 PM | Post: #1

H.E. Bulstrode

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Anthology: Wry Out West - 30 June - 5 July. Kindle Countdown - 99p

Anthology: Wry Out West

Five twisted tales of the uncanny, reduced to 99p from £2.49 for five days only from Friday 30 June. Also available in paperback (273 pages).

From the acid-fried oddity of Gwydion's Dawn, to the bizarre rites of seventeenth-century Devon in The Cleft Owl; the psychological horror of 3:05 am, to the vengeful fury of Old Crotchet, all are as distinctly odd, and unsettling, as the seemingly innocuous guide in Agnes of Grimstone Peverell

The humour is black, and the protagonists all too unawares of the sinister forces that lurk beneath the fragile veneer of the everyday world; shifting and malevolent, they are there to be seen, and sensed, if the characters should but care to look, yet more often than not, they do not. The forces of the irrational, the supernatural and the paranormal bide their time, waiting to irrupt through the divide and come crashing into the present, with a vividness as unwelcome as it is unexpected.

The horror that you will encounter between these covers is of the understated variety; it is often implied and psychological, rather than being of the type favoured by the exponents of the slasher genre, and with the exception of The Cleft Owl, there is as much humour as there is unease. Unconstrained by the bounds of any single genre, amongst these tales you will find much to engage your interest should you possess a taste for mysteries, satire, the paranormal, the occult, ghost stories, psychological horror and historical fiction. Come! Old Crotchet awaits you.

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