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A witch. A curse. A white raven. Discover the connection for only .99!

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Star A witch. A curse. A white raven. Discover the connection for only .99!

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The White Raven is on sale for .99 from April 20 - 27


Despite Aven's contentment in her 13th life, the truth of her cursed existence haunts her. The mysterious white raven who has shadowed Aven through each of her lives could hold the secret to her release. But the cost of her happiness and freedom may be too high as Aven discovers the shocking truth about her curse and that dark magick lingers

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What Amazon and Goodreads reviewers are saying:
  • "Magic and mayhem and great storytelling combine to make this an unputdownable book."
  • "As soon as I started to read The White Raven, I couldn’t put it down."
  • "An emotionally intense roller coaster"
  • "An engrossing page turner!"
  • "It takes a great deal to have me so captivated that I cannot put a book down until the book is finished: this is one of those books."
  • "A wonderful journey into magical realism"