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Results of my Kindle Countdown Free Day Book Experiment

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Offline Grace Risata Reading
19 Apr 2017, 02:38 AM | Post: #1

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Results of my Kindle Countdown Free Day Book Experiment

Hello everyone.
I love to do crazy experiments with Kindle Countdown promotions.  Last year I did one with a lowered price countdown deal, and a few weeks ago I decided to do one with a free countdown deal.  If you'd like to see where I submitted my book, what results I got, and all my numbers, please check my blog post.  Also....I spent NO money on this promotion.  Thanks for reading!
[Image: 51F%2B%2B7%2BBF1L._SL95.jpg][Image: 51f%2BL1U1-kL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51ITDbeAm%2BL._SL95.jpg][Image: 415fy4nhSlL._SL95.jpg][Image: 519nFHKdRyL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51Cwe02-OhL._SL95.jpg][Image: 41tneGWPpAL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51rEAi1p2cL._SL95.jpg]

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