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Writing for Ben Thursday

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Writing for Ben Thursday


[Image: PROMO4.jpg]

Based on the characters Janet "J.J." Johnson and Benedict Hart from the novels Desire for Touch and Desire for Bliss - also available on Amazon. Absolutely can be read stand-alone. 22k words, adult themes and situations. Or, more explicitly, it's smokin' hot.

When a college instructor at the bottom of the university food chain finds a powerhouse Alpha business major with one of her very private stories in his hands - she has to make a choice.

Play it safe and protect her job? Or write for Ben in hope of living her dream to become a professional writer?

And when the student offers to become the teacher and design a "personal practicum" so she can master a private discipline, will she obey the University rules and settle for theory? Or surrender to her secret longings?

Who'm I kidding? Look at him ...


"You're still twenty.  You can't possibly know enough about women to judge what would sell," she said.

He froze for a moment and then straightened. And Benedict Hart - emerged. He morphed from charming student to compelling adult male - powerful, implacable. The planes of his face sharpened, his gaze penetrated and burned, traveling up and down her body as if he were planning a route for his … hands? Mouth?

All the muscles in her lower abdomen tightened. Janet couldn't breathe. Think. Her clit throbbed.

"Come here," he ordered quietly. 

 He leaned over her and she bent back, grabbing the rail.

He ran his nose through her hair at her temple. "Words have power. You taught me that. I can make you come just by telling you exactly what I'm going to do to you." His lips barely grazed her ear. She was panting, eyes closed.

" …  You want this, don't you? … Answer me."

Her hips flexed toward him. "Yes.," she breathed. "Oh, God … "

Her legs were trembling. He put one knuckle under her chin and tilted her head back, staring at her parted lips. He lowered his mouth to hers and stopped a breath from contact.

"Now. Tell me again what I don't know about women."
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