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Book Challenge

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Offline Patrick Souiljaert
04 Apr 2017, 09:49 AM | Post: #1

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Book Challenge

Good day;
My name is Patrick Souiljaert, I live on Shoreham Beach.
 My mission is to inspire and add value to other people’s lives - while reaching my full potential as someone who lives with Cerebral Palsy.
I am an inspirational speaker and the author of Stairs For Breakfast (my first book). It’s an autobiographical book on overcoming adversity and achieving anything you want in life, when you have the passion and energy. My talks are entertaining, inspiring and informative. I invite audience interaction and insight laugher!
 I am writing to you because I am embarking on a journey to promote my book, 'Stairs for Breakfast' and offer my story to the local community.
Since self-publishing Stairs For Breakfast last year, I have been endorsed by Hay House in the United States, who have published an American version of my book.
 I’m also working with the charity Scope in the UK. My work with them includes writing articles for their blog site (I’ve recently written a piece on How to write a book successfully).
 This article describes my amazing journey over the last 6 years http://blog.scope.org.uk...
 You can also watch a short video of me on my website here http://stairsforbreakfast.com
 I’ve set myself the challenge of selling 2,000 copies of my book by 1st September!
 I look forward to sharing my experiences with as many people as possible and I am hoping that the Kindle Users Forum and its valuable members are able to assist me with my challenge.
Thanking you in advance for taking the time to read my email and I hope to hear from you!
[font=Arial","sans-serif]Best regards[/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif] Patrick Souiljaert (Sue-Lee-Art)[/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif]Author of the book Stairs For Breakfast. Find out more [/font]http://stairsforbreakfast.com
[font=Arial","sans-serif] +44 (0) 1273 465519[/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif]+44 (0) 7710 021454[/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif] [/font][font=Arial","sans-serif]Twitter: [/font]@sussexpatrick
[font=Arial","sans-serif]Facebook: [/font]www.fb.com/patrick.souiljaert
[font=Arial","sans-serif]YouTube: [/font]www.youtube.com/sussexpatrickuk