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FIVE MONKEYS - Gender Bending Suspense & Satire

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FIVE MONKEYS - Gender Bending Suspense & Satire

Hello everyone, if you like your humour dark and your characters smart and sassy, my novel FIVE MONKEYS is on sale for 0.99. Here's what US and Australian readers have said:
5 stars ***** Political spindoctoring spun out of control
5 stars ***** A must read book. It takes you where you least expect to go.
5 stars ***** A fantastic read, something fresh and daringly different.
5 stars ***** A brilliant read from start to finish
5 stars ***** A True Page-Turner 
5 stars ***** Smart, funny and suspenseful!

And the blurb:
 Nadia Spencer is America’s favorite bi-racial cosmetic surgeon. She’s the UN Special Ambassador for Female Genital Mutilation, a mother to two wise-ass kids, and she’s married to the Republican candidate for Mayor of New York. She’s just launched her new book. He’s four weeks away from election day. The only problem is Nadia wasn’t always a woman. And right now Nadia wants to be a man, again. 
When the truth comes out, not even Kim Kardashian’s big fat ass is gonna knock Nadia Spencer off the front pages. Even if they stick candles in it and set her on fire.You can get it here:

Many thanks in advance for your support. I promise you a fast and funny read.