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Fiddling is not distracting me from that book.

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18 Mar 2017, 03:59 PM | Post: #1

Billy Helston

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Fiddling is not distracting me from that book.

I'm writing my first non-fiction. I'd accumulated so much research I thought, that'll make a book. Eight months on, I've written just forty-thousand words. Much more difficult than I thought to find a voice that doesn't sound as if I'm giving a lecture. And what facts to omit? It seems as if I want the reader to know that I know this, that, and the other, but is it interesting? Some of the characters are funny, which is great, apart from this book is about the murder of a little girl and humour seems a strange tone for a tragic tale.
So I'm now fiddling about on the web. Idling ...
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