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FREE Mar 16-20 HEALING TALIA m/f femdom

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FREE Mar 16-20 HEALING TALIA m/f femdom

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How far will a man go for the woman he loves?


Talia was my world from the first moment I saw her. She became my beautiful, sexy, life-giving wife. She gave me sons. She took me to sensual places I never imagined. 

And then she was kidnapped and assaulted, for hours. Now, just the sight of me too close to her, frightens her. I'd do anything to help her heal and hold her safe in my arms. Anything. ... Or I thought I would.

Until she pulled out the restraints. 

And the flogger.

8k M/F  femdom, erotic Romance - Healing Talia has NO descriptions of noncon sexual violence.
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