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Kindle touch has jammed in the Amazon shop.

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Offline kiroc
26 Feb 2017, 11:03 AM | Post: #1

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Kindle touch has jammed in the Amazon shop.

Hi there, I hope this is in the right place for n answer.
I have a Kindle Touch, about four years old now, and I have noticed that over the past few weeks, the unit has been getting quite slow in its responses to internal searches and connecting to the internet.
The other day I was using it and all was well, then I went to Amazon shop and after a couple of changes of page the screen locked and when I pressed the 'Home' button I got an error message.............." Application Error, The selected application could not be started. Please try again".................... Guess what happens when I try again? Yeah...... error message!!!
Also, the power button is unresponsive, Kindle won't turn off, so I can't even do the Technology Cure All............turn it off and on again!!!

Thanks for your time.