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Free download - ( Humorous South African short story…. Urban Legend ?)

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Offline KK Brown (Rho) Reading Shadows in the Wind - McMillan
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Wink free download - ( Humorous South African short story…. Urban Legend ?)

FREE  this weekend ... Sat 14th and Sun 15th  Jan

His  Grandfather's  Garden

Jannie Jaacobs was in the second-hand car business. Or, to be more specific, Jannie was in the business of getting cars started. (Even if the keys were not always available.)

But having re-located his business from Capetown to Jo'burg (with a considerable degree of urgency and haste), Jannie was presented with a problem.

He was no longer able to dig his beloved Grandfather's garden for him, and the Old Man had now injured his hip.

...... Jannie had to find a solution: fast.

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