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Amazon paperbacks

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RE: Amazon paperbacks

(05 Jul 2017 08:21 AM)J.T. McDaniel Wrote: Wrote:  I suspect the rationale behind KDP print is that Amazon wants the paperbacks available, and not everyone was going to CreateSpace, Lightning Source, or Ingram Spark, so they added the capability to the interface Kindle publishers were already using.

I have been formatting print books for nearly 20 years now, so I found KDP Print fairly easy to use. It does have its quirks, though. The cover image, for instance, needs to be one quarter inch larger in the vertical and horizontal dimensions than the actual size of the front, back, and spine combined, with the cover itself centered and the image bleeding all the way to the outer edge of the canvas. Officially, that's a 1/8-inch bleed. If you submit it at the exact size it will be rejected. They'll also reject a cover if you don't leave enough space at the lower right corner of the back cover for the bar code or, and this one has caused problems for many people, you include the familiar white box for the bar code. KDP is going to add both box and barcode, so just make sure there's room, but don't try to provide a space.

Interior files should be laid out with the page size set to the trim size. Ideally, do the interior as a two-up, facing-pages layout, starting with the right-hand page. I use InDesign for layout, but most layout programmes will let you do facing pages and mirrored inner margins. For Returning, I used a 5.25x8 page, with the margins set at .5-inch top, bottom, and outside, and .75-inch inside. I'm personally fond of Baskerville for a body font. I was long ago conditioned to avoid Times New Roman like the plague. It works nicely for newspaper columns, but doesn't look as good in the wider columns in a book.

For best results, all uploaded files should be PDFs. Ideally, you save as PDF/X-1A-2001 or higher. Cover images should be a minimum 300 dpi.
Thanks for your observations Jack. The primary problem I kept running into was the fact that the barcode box was cited as being the wrong size, and 'overlapping with text', even though there was no text in its vicinity. Formatting the content of the book was fine, it was just the vagaries of the cover template and that cursed barcode box that proved to be a bane for me. At least I'll know what to expect next time :-)
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RE: Amazon paperbacks

Amazon paperbacks are best done at Createspace, eBooks in KDP. Smile

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