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Kindle bundle for kids

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kindle bundle for kids

hi everyone 

I am interested in buying a book reader for my grand-daughter who is 7 years young  and is making great strides in reading.

But there are a few questions to which i cannot find an answer : 
  • i will be buying the kindle as a gift and the idea is that she reads English books .She lives in Barcelona (Spain) : the question is : Will she (her parents) be able to buy more books in English from Barcelona , presumably using a Spanish bank card ?   ( this is a problem i have experienced when living in France where i bought my own kindle , all was fine to buy books in the French language , but for most books in English , i was told that i cannot do so , and now that i live in England , i have no problem in buying Books in English , but i cannot buy most books in French ..i was told that one can go round the problem by changing the bank card to a local one , but if one does it often , Amazon blocks the kindle ... In the case of my grand daughter she will be always buying books in English , but the cards her parents will be using in future will be Spanish and i fear there might be a problem 
  • I believe that i can follow her progress , and what books she buys :  how is that shown : by email or does the info get downloaded on my own kindle ? 
  • Can her progress be monitored by more than one person: for ex  her mother , and me , her grand-dad ? 

If anyone can help me or put me on the right track, i would be most grateful 
All the best 

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