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Payments from Kindle Unlimited reads

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Offline SteeBee
02 Oct 2016, 07:51 AM | Post: #1


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Payments from Kindle Unlimited reads

Hi all. A little advice please. How does an author get paid when his/her book is read via KU? I see no facility in the 'reports'  section for this? Does it get added on to the the 'royalties'? I know there is a downloadable sales report but this too doesn't say how much the author is due in payments - just numbers of pages read.
I've done my own calculations based on amount paid for each page read & guestimate I am due about £50.
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Offline IndieAI
02 Oct 2016, 09:37 AM | Post: #2


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RE: Payments from Kindle Unlimited reads

At some point after the end of the month, Amazon decides what the total KU payout will be. Then they would out your share of that. You will see it on the Prior Months' Royalties report published around 15th of the next month.
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