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PW3: Amazon Limited Edition Premium Leather Case

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05 Sep 2016, 09:05 AM | Post: #1

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PW3: Amazon Limited Edition Premium Leather Case

Hi All,

I recently upgraded from a 4 year old KT to a PW3 and as part of that wanted to order a case for it.  I'd had my KT in a black Amazon leather case since the day I bought it and been very happy with it - it had protected the KT well and still looked good after 4 years of fairly heavy use, being carted around the globe on various travels, being thrown in all sorts of travel bags, etc. so pretty much knew what to expect.

However, the design of the Amazon cases has changed slightly over the last few years.  My two sons have PWs (a 1 and a 2 I think) and have the standard Amazon leather cases for those are perfectly fine - but don't seem quite the same quality as the leather case that my KT is in.  Hence I was interested in the 'Limited Edition Premium Leather' case  that Amazon offer.  I could find very few reviews of the case however other than the ones on Amazon's site - so, having decided to go for it, I thought I'd write a brief one  myself in the hope that it might be of interest to others.

The general design of the case is exactly the same as Amazon's other PW cases (and indeed my old KT case): a rubberised holding 'compartment' for the Kindle itself that the unit 'pops' into and is held firmly by with leather front and back on the outside.  The rubber surround protects all the edges and corners of the Kindle and I know from using one on my KT that it offers effective protection.

The key difference between this case and the other Amazon PW cases however is the brown leather used on the outside.  It's almost like a cross between regular leather and a suede finish - having an obvious grain to it.  The other thing that has been commented on in the various Amazon site reviews is that it marks very easily.  This is true - it does.  Amazon says that this is deliberate and allows a patina to develop over time.  Whether you like this idea is crucial to whether you will like this case I think.  Personally, I like the idea that the case will start to look like a somewhat battered old leather book over time.  But equally I've seen some reports that people don't expect a brand new case to mark so quickly...  Also, I suspect that the grain will smooth down with time and use.

The attached photos show my case with the PW3 in it after about 5 days of use.  As you can see, it's already starting to develop a lot of marks.  The colour of the case is darker than is shown on Amazon's own site - however, my own photos make it look darker than it actually is IMO.  I suspect that the actual colour will vary from batch to batch as different leathers are used.

Last but not least of things to consider is the price.  The standard Amazon case is £29.99 in the UK / $39.99 in the US.  This limited edition one costs £44.99 ($59.99 in US) - so a significant increase.  Personally I think it adds to the charm of my Kindle and the whole reading experience - but of course everyone is likely to have their own views.

I'll try to come back in due course - as the case wears further with time - and give an update.  In the meantime if anyone has any questions, please let me know.

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