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Parental control issue

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Offline Nadim
09 Jun 2016, 09:55 PM | Post: #1

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Parental control issue

Just bought a kindle fire for my son and have it configured fit him as a child profile. I have set the restrictions so that he only has access at the weekend. Today, Thursday I wanted to let him have a go so I turned it on, and when it requested parental control password I entered it. Then prompted to enter his user password my son did so.
I handed the machine to him and let him have a go on some of his games. Only later did I realise that once he has entered his password after I entered mine the screen he is immediately presented with is the parental control screen where, if he wanted, he would be able to change all settings in there.

Question: is this right? Shouldn't a user be taken to any other screen than the parental controls?

Any steer would be appreciated.