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Kindle Reduced by 20%

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Offline sujay Reading The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard
08 Jun 2016, 11:51 AM | Post: #1

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Kindle Reduced by 20%

If anyone is in the market for a new Kindle, Amazon, John Lewis and Curry's have taken 20% off of Paperwhite, Voyage and the basic Kindle at the minute. Not sure how long for, but might be worth looking.
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Offline runner Reading Summit Harry Farthing, Mr Mercedes Stephen King
18 Jun 2016, 06:58 PM | Post: #2

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RE: Kindle Reduced by 20%

yes...been waiting for that sale which happens very infrequently. Had thought about kindle oasis but it is too expensive and so collected today from Waitrose in Keynsham kindle voyage 3g at a 20% reduction....I believe this price will only last a few more days....

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