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FREE 11th to 15th May 2016 -> Christmas in the 28th century is out of this world

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Offline Nick Temple
11 May 2016, 10:58 AM | Post: #1

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What I Read

FREE 11th to 15th May 2016 -> Christmas in the 28th century is out of this world

2777 - A Christmas Oddity follows on from 2777 - A Space Oddity and features our hapless crew attempting to use virtual reality to explain the 28th Century's December Festival to their alien crewmate, Fingers the Genericon. Turkey pavlova, Secret Satan, tales of magical cola and reindeer with flaming antlers are just some of the delights in the festive pile up that has replaced Christmas over the centuries. Join Satan's sleigh as he visits the radioactive wasteland and bustling cities of the earth to bring gifts to the diverse peoples of the world.

Join Butch, Carol, John and Fingers as they venture into the most terrifying place in the universe - John's mind as December Festival becomes even more warped and crazy than it already is.

Drink too much, eat too much and be far too merry as we say goodbye to 2777 and raise a glass of mulled gin and mulled tonic to wish each other a Happy December Festival and a merry resetting of the calendar.
Author of the Dennis and Francois misadventures in which two grumpy old sods get into farcical scrapes, and the British Empire Space Service series which features comical adventures from the other side of space.

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