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Offline JRW Reading Doomsday Diary - James Field
15 Dec 2015, 09:44 AM | Post: #1

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Greetings fellow authors. Just some information to share that I hope is of positive use. I'm fairly new at dipping my foot into the ebook creek. Avoiding stepping on the minnows that live there, causes one to all but tiptoe. Though I now know minnows are too quick and smart to be just stepped on. Then there's the scary experience of gingerly stepping on slippery flat rocks. Rocks that want you to fall or scare you out of your wits by forcing you to algae or moss skate. You know how it is. Then there's those hidden depressions that threaten to swallow you or half of you at least. Good gosh, if the creek has snakes of any kind! They're all nerve wrecking in the water and seem more bold as well. "Hey, buddy, don't leave. I just want to hug you." Certainly not!
With less than ethical characters haunting the ebook field, authors can easily come face to face with ebook creek dangers.  Now that long winded introduction done I'd like to make you aware of what seems to be an author friendly website. It's called ePubor. That's the main page link in case it appeals to some. But your and my interest would be in another page on their website. Among other things such as selling ebook converters and so on, they allow you to provide ebook giveaways. The idea being to expose you to readers who will hopefully explore and buy your other works. I only know Johnny Greenwood and I mention him because he was very friendly and helpful. Plus responded swiftly to my questions. If you are thinking of another venue to expose your writing, you might want to look at them. If you've had prior experience with them, knowledge please share that.

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