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National Novel Writing Month

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Offline Louise Warman Reading
28 Oct 2015, 02:54 PM | Post: #21

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RE: National Novel Writing Month

I'm tempted having done it for the last two years and really enjoyed the challenge. Having said that, the novel from last year is a long way off finished and now bumbling along at the 80k mark so I'd feel a bit guilty starting something new.
2015 has been a bad writing year but as there are a few ideas fighting to get out it might be the motivation I need.
Offline Tim_A Reading strictly murder by Lynda Wilcox
03 Nov 2015, 11:57 AM | Post: #22

SpaSpa Baby!

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RE: National Novel Writing Month

Bringing this thread back to the top, cos NaNo's started now. yay!

So, how are we all doing?

I got off to a bit of a rocky start (nothing new there!), and I'm languishing down at 1200 words. Partly that's because of the Wantage Literary Festival, that I attended over the weekend, but also cos of a hard drive failure that I needed to recover from (it was a brand new drive too -- only 2 weeks old Sad Fortunately I didn't lose too much work, just a lot of time.)

Anyhoo, I've kicked off with the Socko novella, set between Wanted and Hunted. Already, in the first 1200 words there have been unexpected developments. (Her name is Jemima Whistle.) Oh, and the circus has come to town! dit dit diddle iddle up dup dada ... Big Grin
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Offline Kath Middleton Reading Hell, yes!
03 Nov 2015, 12:11 PM | Post: #23

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RE: National Novel Writing Month

Haha! I love an unexpected development or two! I'm at 4762 words as we speak (I'm in the middle of a sentence and I stopped for a think). I did slightly over the daily target on Day 1, slightly under on Day 2 and in another three hundred or so words I'll be on target for today. It's totally new and unconnected to anything I've written before. So, same old... Wink
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Offline cecilia_writer Reading Murder by the Glass by Lynda Wilcox
04 Nov 2015, 07:54 AM | Post: #24

That Singular Anomaly the Lady Novelist

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RE: National Novel Writing Month

Most of my novels consist of one unexpected development after another!
This one is very slightly more planned but only because I had to do some research beforehand e.g. about railway lines in Norfolk in the 1950s and the early history of computers, to name but a few.
My own computers have turned against me, and the netbook, the only special function of which is to connect to the internet, has stopped doing that. I ended up writing a couple of hundred words last night in the form of an email to myself from my Kindle Fire. I can no longer write in the conservatory, where my laptop and writing corner are, after dusk due to a Massive Spider Situation in there so that's why I've had to try and become more portable.
Anyway, I've more or less kept up with the word count so far, and on days when I don't have to go to work I should be able to write more during daylight hours, so things are not too desperate yet.
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