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The Egg Challenge

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23 Oct 2015, 06:05 PM | Post: #1


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The Egg Challenge

As the culmination of a week's worth of silly challenges for our "Not So Superstars Competition" in work we had the egg challenge.

We had to build a construction to protect an egg when it had a weight dropped on it from height.  The weight was a CD with 3 chunks of paper roll tubes about it, attached to a rope around a branch and dropped from about a 5 foot height.
We were given an A5 sized envelope (which we could use) containing 
1 piece of A5 paper
1 large paper clip
2 medium paper clips
2 bendy straws
2 elastic bands
1 piece of string about a metre long
some sellotape (probably about a metre but my team went off somewhere secret and took our own tape)
and a polo mint generally for holding the egg

My team's design survived the drop (I think 7/15 did) and we insisted that we did a drop from the full height which was about 10 foot and ours survived, but others didn't (we didn't get more points, even though we demanded double or nothing).

Some designs were laughed at even before their egg was smashed.
Before I describe our design, what would you think would work?
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24 Oct 2015, 10:34 AM | Post: #3

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RE: The Egg Challenge

I used to love The Great Egg Race - why isn't there anything like that on tv now? (no need to answer that)

I am useless at this kind of thing, especially in theory without having the actual bits and pieces in front of me, but I think I would probably start by trying to build some sort of protective framework out of the bendy straws, and maybe using the paper clips etc to join them up. Feel free to laugh!
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