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Createspace paperback publishing

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02 Mar 2016, 06:36 PM | Post: #61

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RE: Createspace paperback publishing

(01 Mar 2016 09:40 PM)Jonathan Hill Wrote: Wrote:  
(01 Mar 2016 03:27 PM)TRBooks7 Wrote: Wrote:  
(27 Feb 2016 01:50 AM)Jonathan Hill Wrote: Wrote:  I've just spent ages messing about, wondering why my other PDFs load onto Createspace but not this one. And FINALLY I've figured it out. If your file name contains a question mark, it isn't recognised. Remove the question mark and hey presto!

Yes, Nigel, it IS exhausting!

Thank you for letting us know Jonathan.  So far have not used a '?' in my titles but there is a future one where an '!' may be appropriate.  That one not ready yet and, as often happens, may end up changing the title.  Nevertheless, good to know about these little foibles.  Thank you.
You're welcome. The title can still have this punctuation. You just need to make sure that the file name doesn't!
Thank you for clarifying.  Had missed the point the restriction only applied to file name.

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