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D2D Email

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D2D Email

I've just received an email from D2D with a rather cryptic ending.

"There’s one more big reason everyone should get excited about end-matter. We’re not quiteready to talk about it, but watch for our next announcement. It’s the biggest thing we’ve done at Draft2Digital since opening our doors, and it’s going to give self-published authors easy access to the most powerful marketing tool they have at their disposal.
We can’t wait to tell you about it. We’ve prided ourselves on making things simple and safe for the self-published author, but nobody ever thought a service like ours would offer something like this."

Anyone know what it means?
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24 Sep 2015, 09:07 PM | Post: #2

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RE: D2D Email

Dunno, guess we have to wait and see. Must admit I did get the email, but didn't bother to read more than a few lines, cos I'm all in with Select for the foreseeable future.
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25 Sep 2015, 04:47 PM | Post: #3

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RE: D2D Email

I got that too... must say I like the idea of being able to update all my end matter 'Also by' lists with a single click!
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28 Sep 2015, 05:54 PM | Post: #4

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RE: D2D Email

I think it means the linking to all of your other books and also to mailing list information. It can be loaded up as part of the text in the kindle version and I assumed that was the same for Draft2digital, but this may make it look better in the store in some way. Not sure, though.


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