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Racer Microvans free on Amazon App Store

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Racer Microvans free on Amazon App Store

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Race fans! We're pleased to bring all Kindle Fire owners a totally free version of our new game - Racer Microvans with ZigZag. No IAPS, No ads - just endless hours of free fun!

Drive your Van by simply tapping the screen and ZigZag your way. Stay on the road and collect the cash.

Just turn or zigzag your van to the correct direction. That's all! Collect the cash to spend on new, faster Vans
Racer Microvans with ZigZag features thee following:

- Easy to play hard to master.
- Cute cartoon graphics
- Various Van skins
- Free to play 
Out now and exclusive free to Amazon Underground - More info
[Image: 81yJSnT8vnL.png]
Unlock and collect all 8 Vans
[Image: 81JjmqypwWL.png]