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The Crimson Veil - Book One of New Science Fantasy Series 'The Fallen Lands'

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Photo The Crimson Veil - Book One of New Science Fantasy Series 'The Fallen Lands'


Finding himself alone in a world infected by a nightmare disease that claimed the life of his young daughter, Noah is ready to give up. That is until he meets Aila, an eighteen year old girl that bears a striking resemblance to his lost daughter and possesses a mysterious gift that might just hold the key to reclaiming a fragment of the civilisation they had once known. 

In helping Aila to survive, Noah begins to let go of the guilt he had carried since the loss of his daughter whilst in Noah, Aila finds the father figure she never had. Travelling the shattered world together, their bond grows into one more powerful than either had thought possible as they help each other to make peace with the realities of both their past and present. 

Thrown into the middle of a raging war between the morals and values of the old world against a new desperation to survive at any cost, Noah becomes a father in a way he thought himself no longer worthy of as Aila is forced to embrace the mystery of the strange gift within her and all that it may reveal. 

The Crimson Veil is the gripping first installment in the science fantasy series 'The Fallen Lands'. 

[/url][url=http://www.amazon.co.uk/Crimson-Veil-Fallen-Lands-Book-ebook/dp/B014JZ6DAW]Amazon UK Link

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