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Kill Them Twice

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31 Aug 2015, 01:31 PM | Post: #1

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Kill Them Twice

Kill them Twice is a thriller written by a writing duo who call themselves eveleigh&turner (with the lower case letters). It's a decent length book and I read it in two sessions - so you can see I thought it was pretty good! Here's my 5* review.

Alice (code-named Halo) is ex-military and now works for an organisation for which, in essence, she’s a contract killer. Shard is a man pursuing revenge for the killing of his brothers and comrades-in-arms in the Kosovo liberation army. Alice kills in a vigilante style, executing those who have escaped or evaded justice. He follows her and exacts punishment on her few friends and family. It’s a real cat-and-mouse game with two people who are not afraid to go to extremes.
There are some great characters in this book, although most of them are of dubious morality. The men running a club with eastern European girls held as prisoners to be used as prostitutes, with no rights and no defence, are utterly despicable. The girls, one in particular whom we get to know, are sad and without hope. Both Alice and Shard take her plight to heart and it adds a richness to the book. The story is very fast-paced and the ending is harsh but satisfying. I’ll be very happy to read more by this writing duo.

Thanks to Marble City, the publisher, for a review copy of this book.
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