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Poetry from a Mistimed Youth

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Offline MerciaMcMahon Reading Jack Silkstone, Primal Inception
29 Jun 2015, 03:50 PM | Post: #1

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Music Poetry from a Mistimed Youth

Poetry from a Mistimed Youth by Mercia McMahon

100 protest poems written while the author was a teenage poet in Belfast. The poetry was written 1982-1985 and edited for first publication in 2015. The main topic is peace whether that relates to the Northern Irish Troubles, nuclear arms, or general warfare. Other poems are just plain weird. The style is a cross between Robert Browning and 80s alternative political protest poetry.

Includes appendices to explain this poetic hiatus in the author's four decade long quest to become a novelist and the possibility of a return to some poetic activity in years to come.

collection of Mistimed Youth related articles on publishing website
Mercia McMahon
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