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Book List 2011...

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Offline James Everington
13 Feb 2011, 05:57 PM | Post: #1


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Book List 2011...

For no apparent reason I'm keeping a list on my blog (http://jameseverington.blogspot.com/) of all the books I read this year; see below for what I've read and my comments.

1. 1974 - David Peace. Good, convoluted 'Yorkshire Noir' crime novel; the only problem is the Ellroy influences are rather too obvious here, in Peace's debut.

2. The Shrinking Man - Richard Matheson. Great, if slightly dated, sci-fi/horror novel. Rated as one of Stephen King's top ten, and I can see why. In the story of one man's survival it is also like a surreal Robinson Cruesoe. Good ending...

3. Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy. Well, it's a classic for a reason: there's a lot of good writing here, excellent characterisation, huge scope... There's also a lot of discussing of 19C Russian farming & politics. Despite it's obvious strengths its something of a struggle and I must confess to a guilty relief at finishing it...

4. Prisoner's Dilemma - William Poundstone. An interesting book about game theory, it's creators, and it's relationship to the cold war. Great.

5. The Colorado Kid - Stephen King. This (very) short book is different from normal the horror of Stephen King - it's marketed as a 'crime' novel, but even that isn't quite right, as really this is an exercise in questioning the conventions of crime fiction, with an ambiguous ending leaving everything unresolved. It's still recognisably King though, and really good.

6. In A Glass Darkly - Sheridan Le Fanu. Collection of five stories from the 19C - four of which are horror, and one more a gothic romance. Carmilla is the best know - an influence on Dracula.

7. The House on The Borderland - William Hope Hodgson. Now this is an odd book. Two campers find an old manuscript which tells the tale of 'the recluse', although pages are missing and what we read is fragmentary. The recluse has vast, cosmic visions, and his house is under attack 'swine creatures'. As I said, odd.

8. Phonogram 2: The Singles Club - Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie. Gloriously bonkers graphic novel about indie music, but in a world where music is magic. As great as hearing your favourite song come on the radio...
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