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FREE - new release novella in the Justice series, Blind Justice

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23 Oct 2014, 08:39 AM | Post: #1

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FREE - new release novella in the Justice series, Blind Justice

Hi lovely people, to celebrate my four year anniversary of being a published author, I've just released a new novella in the Justice series and I'm giving it away FREE as a thank you for all your support throughout this incredible journey. Pick up your FREE copy of BLIND JUSTICE M A Comley now. 

[Image: 51rV15E2jKL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51NS8km9%2BLL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51QJtzuKm9L._SL95.jpg][Image: 51O2jea%2BrlL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51JvFpxevYL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51sDFq6JKrL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51YVGn2hUvL._SL95.jpg][Image: 41vvwyftHvL._SL95.jpg]

  You can purchase my books in all ebook formats and paperbacks from my website. http://www.melcomleybooks.com/

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