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The PHDA is open to new members

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Offline lyndawrites Reading The Twopenny-Hat Detective by Brian Sellars
07 Oct 2014, 03:52 PM | Post: #11

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RE: The PHDA is open to new members

I didn't think Katie and I would be on our own, somehow. Big Grin

My latest little doozy - I've changed whodunit and have no way of getting this new murderer into the building. Tantrum
 Still pondering on that one.
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Offline Daphne Reading Wanted by Tim Arnot
07 Oct 2014, 05:30 PM | Post: #12

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RE: The PHDA is open to new members

This thread made me think of what Harriet Vane says in Gaudy Night. Harriet, a mystery writer, and arguably Dorothy Sayers' alter ego, says, in answer to a question about how she manages her plots:
"I'm always getting mixed up myself. I've never yet succeeded in producing a plot without at least six major howlers. Fortunately, nine readers out of ten get mixed up too, so it doesn't matter. The tenth writes me a letter and I promise to make the correction in the second edition, but I never do."
It is felt by some that Dorothy Sayers was alluding to her own plot holes.
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