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Letter to TV Licencing - A No-TV Household Fights Back

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Offline Rosen Trevithick Reading
05 Oct 2014, 05:21 PM | Post: #11

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RE: Letter to TV Licencing - A No-TV Household Fights Back

The system needs to be updated. If they wanted to charge me a moderate monthly amount for using their catchup service, I'd be happy to pay. As a general rule, I like the BBC and am in favour of a publicly funded broadcasting service. However, there are a lot of organisations I am in favour of but I don't go around paying them money for services they don't provide. The BBC is not a charity.
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05 Oct 2014, 07:02 PM | Post: #12

Keen kuffer

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RE: Letter to TV Licencing - A No-TV Household Fights Back

Rosen, you make me realize I hardly ever watch live TV - it would be a small sacrifice never to watch it, but only catch-up programmes on my laptop. 

See the advice here from MoneySavingExpert.

I used to get nagged annually at my workshop. I'd fill in the form, pointing out that I don't watch television while earning my living. Then one year the form didn't include a SAE, so I didn't return it. I've never heard from them again.
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