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Accidental contact of keys

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Offline redjohnboy43
26 Sep 2014, 03:09 PM | Post: #1

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accidental contact of keys

Hi, new to this. I've had a kindle 3 for about 18 months or so (used to have a sony e-reader). I'm generally happy with it but the only thing is I keep accidentally touching the keys whilst I am holding it when reading. It's starting to drive me potty as I get lost and have to navigate around to find the point I am up to in my novels. 
Can anyone tell me if there is a clip-on guard that will cover the keys and prevent me touching them? OR are there any settings anywhere that will disable the keys ?
I've had a look through the forums but can't find any questions relating to this. ( maybe it's just me, and no one else has this problem)
I had a sony e-reader before, which, in my opinion is better, but the battery life was nowhere near that of the kindle.
ANY replies would be appreciated