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Evil In Disguise

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19 Sep 2014, 11:14 AM | Post: #1

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Evil In Disguise

Hi all, 
Well I've released another book, Evil In Disguise it's totally different to my thrillers although this will be a tough read for folks to consider. It's based on a true story one of my fans had to endure, actually I've combined two stories in one. It does cover something that has been talked about in the press a lot this week, domestic abuse, so not everyone will want to read it. 
That's the warning out of the way, here's the blurb:
   [Image: 518l2hu%2BUNL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-st..._OU02_.jpg]

Caught in an abusive marriage, Jenny Slater desperately hopes there is more to life than the lies she tells to hide the bruises. Her three children have no idea their father is a monster, and Jenny struggles with the decision to tell them of her torment, which she can no longer bear alone. 
Jenny’s pen pal in the States is the only person aware of the truth. When Helen pleads with her to visit, Jenny is undecided about leaving England when her family is at odds. However, when a letter from a mysterious source arrives, seeking Jenny’s help, she flies to the States. Her attempts to save another trapped soul only entangle her in another manipulative relationship.
Evil In Disguise will be on offer for a limited time only for 99c/77p.


I hope you enjoy it.
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