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Increased royalties...

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RE: Increased royalties...

Nothing at all, Jennie. That sudden rush was for one title only and disappeared as quickly as it arrived. It was random.
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Offline Ray Kingfisher Reading No, Writing.
12 May 2014, 06:26 AM | Post: #12

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RE: Increased royalties...

April was my best ever month on D2D - although sales were still peanuts compared to Amazon - it seems just as erratic as Amazon but with smaller numbers.

I keep with D2D a) just to get my books 'out there' to more possible readers, b) because I've always found them pretty helpful, and c) because I don't value Amazon select that much.

Oh, and d) because I can't be arsed to pull them, but mostly the above. And there's always the chance of a sales blip as David found out. Well done, David, I've never had anything like that - 2 sales in one day was my best.
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12 May 2014, 07:21 AM | Post: #13

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RE: Increased royalties...

Yes, well done, David!

Ray, your two sales in one day far outweighs my no sales on any day. Dodgy
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12 May 2014, 08:18 AM | Post: #14

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RE: Increased royalties...

I've had 9 sales there over the past year (although I did take Wanted out for 3 months while it was in Select). Then Kobogate happened, and it took 3 more months to get listed again. The sales I've had are still below the threshold for them actually to pay me.
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12 May 2014, 11:20 AM | Post: #15

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RE: Increased royalties...

I have to say D2D is still a good seller for me, specially since putting Def1 free, almost all on Apple with only 4 elsewhere. I'm not on Smashwords, can't seem to find the time to upload them just now, but will when I do. I'm going to put Def 1 free on  B & N now and hope to see some sales from there because of it. I agree the permafree is a hit and miss, with Def 1 I got lovely email saying certainly and glad to help. With Sab 1 got two rather snotty mails saying was Amazon's choice whether to do it or not. So I put a post on my FB page with links etc asking folks to tell bout lower price and hey presto Sab 1 went free. So I think it just depends on what person your request is received by on whether it's done - either at all - or in a timely fashion - but if the public start complaining bout prices then they seem to act.
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