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Amazon Returns

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Offline sujay Reading The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard
27 Apr 2014, 08:22 AM | Post: #1

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Amazon Returns

I know we all complain about returning goods we have ordered online, but Amazon have excelled themselves this time. I ordered something from them, but had to return it as it wasn't needed in the end, so I went through the returns process, packed the parcel and attached the returns label. I was checking my emails before I went out, and already had a tracking number for the package, which I was returning using the drop off point in a local store. I checked my emails again in the evening and couldn't believe my eyes. The package was dropped off at 13.47 (according to the receipt they gave me) and the email telling me the refund was back in my account had been sent by 13.52!!!!! None of this 'it will take a few days' business, it took less than five minutes, and before I had even got back to my car! Big Grin
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Offline ElaineG Reading Standers by Dale Brumfield
27 Apr 2014, 08:27 AM | Post: #2

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RE: Amazon Returns

That is what you call service!
Offline Jennie Lee Reading Course notes for Pilates Teacher Training
27 Apr 2014, 08:35 AM | Post: #3

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RE: Amazon Returns

Ah ... restores the faith Thumbs Up
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Offline joo Reading Off The KUF Vol I
27 Apr 2014, 12:45 PM | Post: #4


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RE: Amazon Returns

I'd bought my niece a rucksack for Christmas and a bit after Christmas she told me the zip had broke. So I had a "chat" with one of their people and they asked if I wanted an exchange or refund. Since it wasn't in stock I asked for the refund so they sent me a return envelope and the SIL popped it in the post from the local shop.
It's just soooo easy.
Mind you, when I paid for it it was part on a gift card and part on credit card and they returned it that way too. Which confused me as I hadn't realised it was "that cheap" from my cc refund.
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RE: Amazon Returns

Wow, that's impressive service!
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