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Can you help?

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14 Apr 2014, 10:43 AM | Post: #1

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Can you help?

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If readers can't find a book, they can't buy it which makes visibility the biggest barrier to an author succeeding. For one author, my friend Stephen C Spencer, this lesson is especially painful because he used to be visible.

In 2011, Stephen was one of the most popular US authors on kindle. I've read the books, and they're awesome. After the first one, I volunteered to beta-read his new books. 
But last summer, Stephen stopped emailing his beta readers. Not because of writer's block or a fault of his own, but through medical problems. I then saw on his twitter feed that he has cancer. 

He then stopped tweeting, and his books slowly began to taper off dropping from the top lists and finally landing in the 7 digit territory. 

I love these books, and I know others will too so I emailed Stephen and offered to try and help. Within a few days, I had a reply and #OperationMallory was born. 

I began with getting other authors on board. We devised a plan - a total rebrand a relaunch that would keep itself going based on great artwork and giving away the first book for free to minimise the time Stephen would need to put into marketing. 

We hired, at our own expense, Clarissa Yeo to redo the seven eBook covers, and 5 print cover. We had an indie with web design experience redo Steve's website. We reread all the books to check for any obvious errors. 

Then, we got Steve to put book one free on Smashwords. In a few days, it'll be up at Barnes and Noble, Apple,  Kobo and Google. Now we need a bit of help.
Firstly, we need people to tell Amazon when it's free so they price match. Secondly, we need to spread the word about the freebie. We're doing this on social media and by a huge blog tour. Over 20 authors have already contributed blog space, and hundreds have joined us in tweeting on #OperationMallory.

 One author has put together a quick infomation pack which you can find at http://goo.gl/D3TrCK 

We know it's a big ask, so there are some helper rewards for spreading the word (see "Helpers Rewards.pdf" in that folder). That includes a couple of free books, and a mini-critique by a small press editor for any author-contributors.
Thank you for your time, 


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14 Apr 2014, 02:49 PM | Post: #2

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RE: Can you help?

I've been involved with this already - and blogged about it at http://www.90daysnovel.com... for anyone who is curious.

Ava has also been spreading the word. Both Ava and I are offering free eBooks to those who tweet about this - take a look at the last link in the OP, and you'll find a 'Helpers Rewards' document with Smashwords coupons for 100% off some great books.
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14 Apr 2014, 04:27 PM | Post: #3


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RE: Can you help?

Sounds good and a very nice thing to do, however a few links would help your cause.
I've just had to go looking (I did an amazon link for his name for you), but if it's not a one or two click process, people (me Big Grin) will get distracted along the way and forget what they were doing.
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