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01 Apr 2014, 09:14 PM | Post: #1

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I constructed a book of haiku (three short line poems), positioning one poem in the centre of one page, (horizontally and vertically).
After trying it in the previewer, the poems were not maintained in the vertical central position.   After being advised by Amazon that it is not possible to centre text, they suggested that I make each page an image instead.
If I am using Paint to do this, (1) What size do I make the canvas prior to placing the text.? (2) Is there a quick way of centring the text, other than using the rulers?  (3) How do I gauge the font size so as to maintain three lines only in the smallest Kindle, or is this hit and miss?  ( I want the font size to be as large as possible.)
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21 Jun 2018, 12:16 PM | Post: #2

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RE: layout

Horizontal centering is possible on most (any) devices:

In your html you do
<p class="C-horizontal">
and then use
.C-horizontal {

Vertical centering should be possible as long as the content you want to center fits on a single page even on the smallest device. That means you have to have a single chapter (page) for each poem (ignoring the design of the chapter head for now).

A good reference for vertical centering is phrogz.net/css/vertical-align/ although there are lots more when you google "css vertical centering".

You can try the best approach before you create an ebook simply in a browser by creating an HTML page.

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