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Kindle 3 wouldn't turn on - but all sorted now

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06 Feb 2014, 08:18 PM | Post: #1

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Kindle 3 wouldn't turn on - but all sorted now

A couple of days ago my Kindle 3 reported a low battery charge level, which I was expecting so I charged it up. Normally the yellow light goes green within a couple of hours or so but on this occasion it was still yellow after over 4 hours.
I took it off charge but when I tried to turn it on it just wouldn't do it, however I tried, holding the power switch for varying numbers of seconds.
Having a look around the forums the best starting point seemed to take the back off, remove the battery and then reinstall it.
I did that and when I tried to power it on the message was that I needed to charge it until the message disappeared, which could be up to 30 minutes. After a few minutes however it powered up.
I then put it on charge and the yellow light turned green after a couple of hours and all seems fine now, with everything just as it was before.
Thank you to those who have posted the messages which suggested I did this, I hope this post helps someone else.