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Fonts for book cover

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Offline Jennie Lee Reading Course notes for Pilates Teacher Training
09 Jan 2014, 12:48 AM | Post: #11

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RE: Fonts for book cover

I have never paid for a font - hope I wasn't meant to but I'm pretty sure they have been 'download for free' ones.

The most important tip I can offer is to add a black border to title and name.  It only has to be a couple of pixels but it makes a huge difference.

Also, if you're planning on following up in print, don't have name/title too close to the edges.  Then you can use the same image for the cover of your print edition without having to mess with it.
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Offline Tim_A Reading strictly murder by Lynda Wilcox
09 Jan 2014, 02:05 AM | Post: #12

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RE: Fonts for book cover

I've used dafont.com fonts.com and a few other sites too. I'm fortunate in that I found fonts that both matched my requirements and were free for commercial use (it's very important to check the licence terms - if it doesn't include 'commercial use' then you can't use it.

It's worth bearing in mind too for print editions, that the font you use for body text needs to be licensed, but also, even if you're using something as "straightforward" as Century Schoolbook (or Minion, Baskerville, Times New Roman, Palatino etc), the commercial version is as different from the free version that comes with your PC as a lowres preview image is from the commercial stock photo you use on the cover. (this presumes you build your own print pdf and don't rely on some 3rd party conversion from a Word doc)
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Offline George Hamilton
09 Jan 2014, 10:14 AM | Post: #13

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RE: Fonts for book cover

(08 Jan 2014 10:24 PM)Rosen Trevithick Wrote: Wrote:   

For The Troll Trap's title, I found a font that worked but couldn't find out whether or not it was licensed for commercial use. So I downloaded Type light and created a similar font.
Rosen, how easy is it to make your own fonts with Type Light (first I've come across it)? Also, what's the licensing position on creating something similar to a commercial font?
Offline Campbell
09 Jan 2014, 10:21 AM | Post: #14

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RE: Fonts for book cover

"Then you can use the same image for the cover of your print edition without having to mess with it."

But colour formats for print and eBook should be different. Web based images like book covers work best using the RGB colour format (i.e. an additive colour scheme based in red green and blue).
Printers use CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. The K stands for 'Key' which meant black in old printer type presses. This is a subtractive printing process.

The reasoning behind this is simple: Monitors can display millions of colour combinations while printers add layers of colour ink to get the desired effect. If you don't account for the differences, you get either a washed out look or a too bright/ too dark print. It's one of the easy tells for many indie books simply because many don't know better.
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