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Kindle Fire and Silk Browser

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16 Dec 2013, 09:56 AM | Post: #1

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Kindle Fire and Silk Browser

If anyone is having problems using the Silk browser on their Kindle Fire since the latest update, give them a ring. I have done this morning and the lovely man at Amazon is replacing my Fire HD for me. When I try to use either Silk or Facebook, the page splits and doesn't scroll properly then scrolls over itself, also when I connect to the internet the Kindle acts as though it is the first time I have used it and I get the tutorial coming up. I think after almost a year of using it I don't need that now! They are aware of the problem, and are trying to sort it out but they don't know when this will be. It hasn't been a problem on all Kindles according to the Kindle support forum, but if yours is one of them it is very annoying.
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