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What device are you using to read books with?

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Poll: What platform are you reading books with?
Kindle 6"
Kindle Fire/Fire HD
Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle iOS app
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Offline Katherine Roberts Reading I keep forgetting to update this!
10 Oct 2013, 05:25 PM | Post: #21

young fantasy and legend/myth

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RE: What device are you using to read books with?

My old Kindle 3G keyboard - I love it because I don't have to be on a wi-fi network to browse amazon or download ebooks. I also do final proof-reads on it and make notes to transfer back to my computer, so it's both a reading device and a writing aid.

PS. I've bounced this Kindle off my patio (knocking the back off), taken it though airport scanners, and updated the software twice, and it still works! Are the newer ones as robust, do you find?

PPS. Like Ray, I also read and recycle a lot of paper books from/to charity shops. Goodness knows what charities will do if publishers stop printing paper books...
Offline Tim_A Reading strictly murder by Lynda Wilcox
10 Oct 2013, 07:16 PM | Post: #22

SpaSpa Baby!

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RE: What device are you using to read books with?

The books I buy from charity shop tend to end up bAck there afterwards. Smile
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Offline Grace Elliot Reading Demelza.
10 Oct 2013, 08:38 PM | Post: #23

Grace Elliot

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RE: What device are you using to read books with?

I've noticed that since I've stopped asking to have books back (when I lend them to friends) - people have started returning them!
When I wanted them back I didn't get them, now I have duplicates on my KF - the darn things keep finding their way home.
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