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What made you fume today?

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Offline Grace Elliot Reading Demelza.
25 Sep 2013, 06:21 PM | Post: #11

Grace Elliot

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RE: What made you fume today?

(25 Sep 2013 11:52 AM)joo Wrote: Wrote:  My recent fume is that I have 2 mortgages with West Bromwich and we had a letter the other day (as did thousands of others) saying that our lifetime tracker of base plus 1% is now base plus 3%.  So it's going from 1.5% to 3.5%.  Over double Sad
Thing is, if one mortgage company can get away with this, who will be next to try it?  My home mortgage is base plus 0.5% and is big enough for me at the moment at 1%.  If they upped that to 3% I'd not be destitute, but my plans of paying off the capital will be hit.  If bank base rates go up, then fair enough, but randomly adding extra when we'd taken out lifetimes is just wrong.

It's that feeling of helplessness, that someone in a suit makes a decision and you just have to swallow the consequences. Grrrr. AND the government is taking the EU to court to protect bankers bonuses....double grrrr!
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Offline Louise Warman Reading
23 Jan 2021, 04:20 PM | Post: #12

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RE: What made you fume today?

Spammers, mostly.

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