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Pulling the plug on Draft2Digital?

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Offline Daphne Reading Wanted by Tim Arnot
11 Oct 2015, 11:46 AM | Post: #151

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RE: Pulling the plug on Draft2Digital?

(11 Oct 2015 10:59 AM)Katherine Roberts Wrote: Wrote:  
(22 Sep 2014 06:39 PM)davidwailing Wrote: Wrote:  I suspect non-Kindle e-readers will become extinct in a couple of years. The rise of reading apps means you can read most eBooks without needing an e-reader at all. Kindles are still useful for those who read a lot, but casual readers will be content with smartphones and tablets.
Funnily enough, the chap doing the talk on the Future of Publishing (report in my author thread)  said the same thing... people are increasingly reading ebooks on multi-purpose tablets, and he thinks that in future dedicated e-readers will die. He says he only uses his old Kindle now for proofreading  (which I do, too). Cecilia's comment about the new i-phone is interesting... I guess every time a new device comes out, there will be a rush of ebook sales as people try out the reading app?
I may be an example of this. Since my Kindle eReader expired I have been reading on my Kindle Fire and my Fire Phone. But that doesn't mean I am buying all my books from Amazon. I have a Kobo App on my tablet and Scribd on my phone. I like Amazon Kindle App for text-to-speech, but I am about to renew my subscription to Scribd for borrowing because they now include an audio book in their package, it is a shade cheaper than KU, and I can pay using my PayPal balance.
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