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Free ticket to Arne Dahl and another for Stewart MacBride for next week

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04 Sep 2013, 10:58 AM | Post: #1

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free ticket to Arne Dahl and another for Stewart MacBride for next week

Hi all.

I booked tickets (in haste) for Bloody Scotland's Crime festival and then realised that I can't make it. Which is a real bummer. I'm looking after one of my children while my wife takes the other 2 to Ben Nevis for a jaunt (booked before I booked my tickets); he's 5 and so I can't really take him along.

It means I have a ticket (paid £9) to see Arne Dahl in Stirling (Scotland) at midday on Saturday 14th September.

I also have a free ticket (that was free to get in the first place) for a great event that is now sold out. It's for RADIO FOUR SHORT STORIES and features Ann Cleeves, Stuart MacBride and Malcolm Mackay. That's at 1:30 on the same day.

You can have them if you're the first person to get in touch with me either here in the comments or via email (nigel.bird7@btinternet.com) with Arne in the title of the message. All I ask is that you'll go and won't waste the space.

I'll post them out to you when I get your address.  
The race is one (actually, I've been trying to give them away for a while with no takers, but still).


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