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Confused, me? Yes! EIN or ITIN?

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RE: Confused, me? Yes! EIN or ITIN?

(09 Jul 2018 04:19 PM)Jan Hurst-Nicholson Wrote: Wrote:  Does the UK not have some sort of deal so that you don't have to pay tax in the US? Huh SA has an agreement that we don't pay any tax (thank goodness) but the IRS still owes me tax that they took off in 2011 and in order to get it back I would have been required to send original documentation of birth certificates and such like. No way, not with our postal system. So the IRS is sitting with some of my money. I reckon I should be able to vote in the US since I paid taxes Tongue

(09 Jul 2018 06:02 PM)Rosen Trevithick Wrote: Wrote:  Thanks, Campbell.

Jan, the IRS has money of mine from 2013. I waited £20 on the phone trying to find out how to get it back.
I feel your pain. I used Skype to phone the US and fortunately it didn't cost very much.
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