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The Returned (Les Revenants) - Channel 4

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The Returned (Les Revenants) - Channel 4

Anybody watching this - last episode tonight on Channel 4?  Not my usual genre but a very posh zombie drama in French with subtitles.  Issues about life after death, physical and emotional suffering, women's sexuality and what lies below the surface in all our lives.  Very beautifully and hauntingly (sorry!) filmed in the French Alps - often in desaturated colour with sparse images.  Combines acute realism with at first a slow, bewildering presentation of the story of several villagers who come back to life and the reactions of their families.  At times it is chillingly understated but at others images of raw fear break through.  The narrative darts backwards and forwards as life has not been simple for any of them and the "returned" re-awaken old tensions they often do not understand themselves.  Phenomenal acting by largely unknowns - "Victor" a  7-8 year old played with incredible deadpan to terrifying effect and Camille - the unforgettable explosive teenager.  I could go on!!

I gather there will be  a second season at the end of next year so the loose ends (of which there are very many) will not be cleared up tonight - oh the frustration!  I think that's good news but the trouble is I won't be able to wait another year plus!

There's a very helpful Wikipedia article which helps clarify who is who  but contains major spoilers.

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