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Kindle fever is spreading!!!!

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Offline maximi
22 Jan 2011, 03:08 PM | Post: #21

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RE: Kindle fever is spreading!!!!

Always aprehensive buying these in case they release a newer version. None due soon then ?
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22 Jan 2011, 05:43 PM | Post: #22


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RE: Kindle fever is spreading!!!!

An American friend was raving about hers to me back last Autumn, I was so taken by her review I nagged my hubby for one for my b/day in December and got one!! Since then another friend of mine got her hubby to buy her one for Christmas & just today another friend whose b/day is today has just been given one. My daughter is also liking the idea of one and her b/day is in June Wink & I've two other friends who I think will probably get one before long.
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