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Wordpress for beginners: Andy Williams

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17 Apr 2013, 08:45 PM | Post: #1

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Wordpress for beginners: Andy Williams

Wordpress for Beginners by Andy Williams

I’m a technophobe at heart, especially where anything to do with IT is concerned. I suspect that the main reason for this is that, lacking any instinctive understanding, I need a detailed instruction manual to help me get to grips with anything that is new to me – and the geeks who are capable of understanding these things seem incapable of writing the sort of manual that I need.
So it was both a relief and a pleasure to find this guide. It starts at the very beginning of website creation with advice on hosting and domain name registration, and then goes through the process of creating a website/blog using Wordpress. It does it painstakingly, step-by-step, with screenshots of every stage.
It has convinced even me that I am capable of creating an attractive, effective site. If only all such instructional guides were this good.
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