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Offline larkim
08 Apr 2013, 09:20 AM | Post: #1


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Sad Oops!!

This post was last modified: 09 Apr 2013 08:47 AM by larkim.
I don't keep  permanent eye on my Kindle Keyboard 3G, but when I took it out of the bag to read on the way back from holiday the screen looked odd - and on closer inspection the screen has cracked.  I am about 9 months into the use of my second KK3G - first was replaced under warranty due to bezel crack, so in total I have owned a KK3G now for nearly 2 years.  I always keep it in a case and try to look after it.  I presume Amazon won't repair or replace it (I hear that their warranty rules for replacement devices mean I can't argue that the second one should carry a full one year warranty), and I'd be surprised if any occurrence of a broken screen would trigger a warranty replacement anyway.  Tantrum
If this was "just" a wifi version, I might be tempted to just buy a new one, however the 3G has its benefits, so I am looking to buy a replacement screen and fit it myself.
Does anyone have any experience of a) vendors to buy from or b) doing this repair job?  Or indeed any alternatives that I might not have thought of?
For the time being, I can keep up to date with books on my Nexus 7 via the Kindle app, but I do prefer to read on the Kindle itself.